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Oreoz x King Sherb

This strain combines burnt rubber gas with a back-end of Sherb.
TAC = 26.50% - 28.77%

Tennis ball mac

This unique mood-boosting strain was hunted from the 2nd MAC drop. Smells like a brand-new can of tennis balls!

TAC = 26.67% - 30.10%


This intensely sweet indica hybrid is a must-try. A gassy and cheesy Sherb.

TAC = 23.79% - 27.37%

Straw- berry Pie

A delicious aroma that's like a warm pie crust; with a creamy strawberry flavor.
TAC = 25.38% - 28.30%

ROot Beer Float

Indulgent blend of creamy vanilla and sweet root beer, combined with a musky GMO undertone.

TAC = 27.51% - 30.38%


A tangy fruit punch flavor with zesty lemon and tropical notes. NECANN Award-Winning!

TAC = 21.66% - 22.72%

Guava Biscotti #2

Exquisite blend of tropical guava and buttery biscotti, creating a creamy, luscious, and unique flavor profile. This strain has an impressive TAC and Terpene profile that must be tried to believe!

TAC = 38.55% - 39.45%

Nice Cream Cake

Boasting a delightful blend of sweet vanilla, creamy undertones, and a hint of citrus, creating an indulgent sensory journey.

TAC = 28.46% - 30.01%


A tantalizing fusion of earthy pine, zesty citrus, and subtle floral sweetness, offering an aromatic and flavorful experience.

TAC = 27.71% - 28.56%

Blue-berry pancakes

A prized creation of our Master Grower; A thick blueberry gas wraps your tongue with blueberry goodness and pancake undertones!

TAC = 21.97% - 23.10%

Juice #9

Experience Love Juice; a strain blending tropical fruits, sweet berries, and delicate florals for a euphoric encounter.

TAC = 25.30% - 27.51%

Gasonade x white truffle

The "Mustard Gas" - Savory and Earthy flavor profile with a skunky, nutty undertone.

TAC = 26.48% - 29.49%

Apple Fritter X Blueberry mimosa #5

Super sweet, creamy, and tropical with a hint of cherry Kool-Aid and a back-end of Mimosa.
TAC = 26.46%


Invigorating fragrance that delivers a smooth, empowering taste that's as limitless as its name. A pleasant and well-balanced flavor of kush and sweet lime. This strain also boasts a high terpene profile of 3.08!

TAC = 30.37%

Orange Cookies x zanimal

A pungent orange peel gas. Tangerine and Citrus EXPLOSION!
TAC = 24%+

Rainbow runtz #8

A citrus profile backed by a cheesy gelato flavor.

Rainbow Runtz #8 TAC = 29.35%


Sweet, smooth, and syrupy with a robust earthy flavor. A milky , yet savory mouth coating with a mushroom band-aid smell!

TAC = 26%+

Lemon cherry pie

A Limited Batch Release: A complex and creamy cherry gas, complimented with zesty lemon and the undertones of a sweet cherry pie.

TAC = 30.69%


A back-cross of "Zkittles" that further exemplifies its creamy, tropical, pungent, and earthy aroma. A unique candy mouth-coating sets this strain apart.

TAC = 23.52%

chimera #2

Chimera #2: A mythical blend where sweet strawberry meets flaky pastry notes. This strain is a crafty beast that lulls the senses into a delightful daze.

TAC = 24.9%

Sherb Cream Pie

A creamy sensation that coats your whole pallet with bright pillowy Sherb Clouds!

TAC = 26% +

Honey - D

Complex notes of sweet and earthy - Black cherry honey mixed with the classic funk of Sour Diesel.


TAC = 25.5%

Disco pineapple

The name says it all - Pineapple with a LOUD musky funk to it!
Tastes of soap, pineapple, and lime. A completely unique terp!

TAC = 25.7%

Crossbow #2

Creamy, gassy, tropical - this is a well-rounded cultivar that checks all the boxes for a great smoke.

TAC = 27.8%

Blue-berry n' straw-berry

The result of our very own Blueberry Pancakes x Strawberry Pie. The candy and fruity mouth-coat will leave you wanting more.

TAC = 26.8%


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