East Coast.

it was all a dream...

Breathe Free is East Coast native with a passion for cannabis and an unwavering drive to make it in the industry.

For decades we’ve been mastering our craft with full dedication to grow the rarest and most exotic cannabis.

On a mission to hunt the best genetics on the planet.

Can't Knock the hustle...

With his underground roots and a deep appreciation for the plant, our Owner and Multi-Award-Winning Master Grower puts in countless hours to maintain his hands-on approach and full control of the product we cultivate. 

Breathe Free?

The brand "Breathe Free" was inspired by our East Coast pride. We observed the inscription on the Statue of Liberty years ago reading, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." These words resonated with us. During the marijuana prohibition, we are all just yearning to BREATHE FREE.

Why 222?

222 is a symbolic number and is our constant reminder to trust in the journey of our lives. You can even find this number incorporated into the torch of our logo. We see this number everywhere and encourage you to be aware of your 222 surroundings. License plates, the current time, whatever it may be; this is your sign that your efforts are aligned with the universe.

Why Ware?

Ok, just say it, "Where's Ware?". We get it all the time. We're located in Central Western Massachusetts and we have transformed a historic mill building, built in 1845, into our new cultivation facility. It has been such a gratifying experience watching this vacant space bring on new purpose for our community. We are excited to implement the hydro power this mill has to offer that will provide an alternate energy source.

The historic mill building circa 1865